UW07 Ltd Edition LP* / CD / Digital
Released January 2012

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13 Detours
George Fox Searches
She Wore Red Shoes

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Detours is "Blue" Gene Tyranny's first album of new piano works since 2003's Take Your Time. A beautifully recorded collection of tracks composed between 2004 and 2010, Detours belongs to a rarefied class of supremely listenable and beautiful piano albums that are not encumbered by any new-age shabbiness. It possesses the sort of timeless and elegant romanticism so unpretentious and accomplished it seems to at once effortlessly canonize itself.

The four pieces on Detours have their origins in disparate sources of inspiration - a longtime friend in San Francisco, a chance visit to a Quaker meetinghouse, a choreographed dance, philosophical intuition. Harmonic discourses begin at a pre-determined location and wind up at a totally unexpected place. Tyranny is a master pianist, able to follow mood and impulse to uncharted new territory.

*The LP edition is strictly limited to 250 copies and features alternate limited-edition artwork by Joey Fauerso. It was mastered using Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) from 24-bit digital masters for the best quality sound reproduction available. Includes a download code for a free download of the album in your choice of Lossless or Lossy audio formats.

"It's been eight years since an album of his new work, and about half of 'Detours,' his new album on Unseen Worlds, is prime stuff, including two major solo-piano pieces: '13 Detours' and 'George Fox Searches.' He does not stint on beautiful things - major arpeggios, soul-chord progressions, lines that flow and breathe - and his keyboard touch is rounded and gorgeous, a feeling you remember." - The New York Times

"All week, 'George Fox Searches' has had me humming a Baptist hymn, replete with Tyranny's improvisatory embellishments. As recently as 2010 his former bandmate Iggy Pop was still stage diving into his early 60s, and the same time, "Blue" Gene Tyranny was taking his own leaps into the unknown, albeit with far less chance of bodily harm. Fifty years after a San Antonio teen skipped out on Julliard, a veteran continues to thumb his nose at convention, still seeking, still striving." - Dusted