UW06 Ltd Edition LP* / CD / Digital Released April 2011

physical editions sold out,
digital available via link below


Fifteen Saxophones
Alto Flute Quad Delay
Kitchen Solos

Release Info

First ever CD and limited edition LP* reissue of this little known classic from founding Philip Glass Ensemble member Richard “Dickie” Landry. Following two jazz LPs issued on the Chatham Square label (which he co-ran), Dickie Landry released Fifteen Saxophones, a set of 1974 recordings done with engineer Kurt Munkacsi, on the Northern Lights and Wergo labels in 1977. Fifteen Saxophones simultaneously demonstrates Landry’s boundary-pushing saxophone and his understanding of the minimalists’ long-form treatises on sound. Using intricate Revox tape delays on “Fifteen Saxophones”, “Alto Flute Quad Delay” and the side-long live document “Kitchen Solos”, Landry’s strong personality as a player shines through a brilliant wall of sound. It is unsurprising Landry was a fixture in the same New York scene that spawned artists like Richard Serra – something equally monumental exists in the pieces found on this album.

This reissue includes new liner notes by Clifford Allen and period photos by Gianfranco Gorgoni.

*The LP edition is strictly limited to 500 copies. It was mastered using Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) from 24-bit digital masters for the best quality sound reproduction available. The vinyl disc is packaged in a deluxe, heavyweight, tip-on cardboard sleeve and includes a download code for a free download of the album in your choice of Lossless or Lossy audio formats.

“…stunningly psychedelic, recalling Terry Riley’s All-Night Flights … it’s the perfect combination of hazy, fluttering psychedelia and tough, tactile reed work.” – Volcanic Tongue